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Baked: Amsterdam High Cuisine x The Lovely T

We're proud to have been involved in a highly experimental culinary experience.

Baked is a new haute cuisine concept with a distinct Amsterdam twist: a six-course epicurean adventure and tasting trip for experienced psychonauts. On the menu you’ll find well-known Marijuana and Hashish to more esoteric psychoactive ingredients such as Syrian Rue, Magic Truffles and Kanna Extract.

Each of the dishes was paired with a non-alcoholic drink, including our Black Brew Ice Tea as well as regular hot infusions of all our teas.

The menu has been extensively tested over the course of the year with the collaboration of Test Lab and AzariusDining was by invitation only. If you’re curious, you can read more about it here.

16 March, 2015 by Tea Taster
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